Freshly Baked London Coconut Tan Review


Freshly Baked London Tan Review

Freshly Baked London Tan Review

Freshly Baked London Tan Review

Freshly Baked London Tan Review

Freshly Baked London Tan Review

Spring is finally decided to poke its head up here in the UK and finally I can start thinking of adding some colour (and even some leg) back into my wardrobe. Since we've been deprived of sun for the last 7 months my skin is paler than pale, so I went on the hunt to find some tanning products to tie me over until summer time. Over the last few weeks I've been chatting about tan, and the one thing I've found put most people off fake tan is the smell; chemically burnt biscuits is not the one, right? Coincidentally, up pops this product on my twitter feed; Freshly Baked London Scented Fake Tan. Exciting huh? I quickly put in an order for my favourite scent, coconut, although if you're a fan of more fruity or neutral scents there's 5 others to choose from ranging from baby powder to watermelon (you can also buy it in professional litre amounts if you're interested).

I've never jumped in the shower, shaved exfoliated and moisturised as quickly I did when the order arrived to prepare my skin for the next day tanning application. So this is an instant tan that develops over time (recommended 8-12 hours, so I always apply at night time and sleep in it), then you wash off the excess and hey presto you're a tanned goddess! The initial colour was flawless, I'd be tempted to wear it like that if I was stuck and needed to be instantly tanned. Application itself was so easy, the products blends delightfully and really allows you to buff the product into your skin creating a flawless coverage. The only thing I did notice was it did leave a mark on an area of my shin where I missed when exfoliating and was still a little dry, so I'd definitely recommend prepping your skin before application, but this does go for any tanning product if you want a really flawless looking tan.

The next day when I showered all of the excess tan off I was so impressed with the shade and application, I rarely find a tan that applies so nicely to my legs, especially my shins, as they seem to repel products. It developed into a gorgeous, natural bronzed look, not a hint of orange to be seen. I decided to really put this tan to the test and decided to have a long soak in the bath the following day, to see if it would hold up. To my utter disbelief it did! It even lasted through shaving!! Although it did fade, I was definitely still tan afterwards, which is a huge thing for me as I like to shave my legs every second day, but I just cant bring myself to re-tan every.single.time. I feel like I've made a major break through finding this tan, I can't wait to get into a routine of having a healthy glow.

Now, onto the most important factor; its scent. Did it hold up to its Coconutty claims? Kind of. I could definitely smell the coconut scent on application, it wasn't overly strong or overwhelming which was nice, but it was definitely there. However, I could also smell a slight tan-like scent through the coconut goodness. Not like your conventional tan smell, more of a creamy, nice biscuit smell (freshly baked biscuits, if you will). My boyfriend was always the one with a serious hate for the smell of tan, which always put me off wearing it because I didnt wan't him suffering through what he felt was the most disgusting scented product while he was trying to sleep. Although it did have a mild tan-like scent, he's told me it really wasn't that bad and didn't bother him nearly as much as other tans do, which for me is a major result!

*Also doesn't test on animals, is UK made, doesn't contain parabens or alcohol and uses Organic Ingredients*

This has fast replaced any other fake tan I've ever used, and has made me excited about fake tanning again. Has anyone else tried out this dreamy product? What were your thoughts?

Excited to try out the other scents and see how they hold up.

I bought mine on amazon for £12.95, you can get yours here:


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  1. Oh this sounds really good. It's so hard to find a tan that consistently offers great coverage. I fall in and out of love with them all the time. I like the idea of being able to try different scents too.

    Lauren xxx

    1. I know! I always find I really like a tan for the first couple of applications and then it just starts to go down hill! I've always had a problem with tan lasting for me too without going patchy and gross but this one honestly stays so well on me, even after re-shaving me legs! You should definitely give it a go if you like tan, I'd 100% recommend it to everyone.



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