72 hours in Paris


 Good Morning and Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely week.
This week I've had the pleasure spending two nights in the Romance capital of the world and exploring some of the most amazing sights Paris has to offer. As Paris is known for being pretty expensive, I wanted to put a budget friendly guide to getting the most out of tourist attractions and what I'd recommend to put on the top of your list of sights to see. I've listed below my top 10 touristy things to do in 72 hours in Paris.

Day 1.

Start your visit off by enjoying breakfast in any of the many cafe's that line the streets of central Paris. These are so easy to find and offer delicious, typical French cuisine. Afterwards take the metro to the Arc De Triomphe and have a wander around. This is a lovely area to go for a stroll and gives you a really great view of different focal points of Paris, such as the big wheel, behind that the Louvre Museum, and also the Eiffel Tower in the distance. There is a tour available of the Arc De Triopmhe if you're interested in it's history, however it's not necessary if you are on a budget.

After its just a short metro journey to Palais De Chailott which is the perfect viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower, its also a beautiful building in its own right, with beautiful architecture and greenery surrounding, as well as a scenic fountain to the front. This is the perfect area to enjoy a summers picnic on a hot day and really enjoy the beauty of Paris.

Next up is the Eiffel Tower, just a short walk from the Palais De Chaillot. There are some beautiful photo opportunities to snap a pic with the tower from the bank of the seine along the way. The Eiffel Tower is the most iconic tourist spot on everyone's list of things to do when visiting Paris, but in my opinion there is so much more to see and do, that will capture Paris' spirit and culture a little more. Personally I'd skip the Eiffel Tower tour if I were to redo my trip, but at £17pp, its not the most expensive of tourist attractions so if this is something on you're bucket list it wont break the bank too much.

The rest of the evening can be spent wandering around the Parisian streets that surround the tower, and maybe stop off at one of the bars and have a drink, although be warned you will pay premium prices around these areas. Paris is a truly beautiful city to wander around at night so I would recommend spending he evening exploring each street and enjoying the beautiful buildings you come across (and they are plentiful).

Day 2. 

Get up early and explore your surrounding areas. The best parts of Paris are the lesser known streets that are crowd free and really have a true Parisian feel. Three things I would recommend checking our are; The Pantheon, Notre Dam & The Love Wall. The Pantheon features some breath taking architecture and is surrounded by some beautiful quaint side streets that are extremely beautiful. Notre Dam is a no brainer, and is right by the Seine River so you can combine the two and appreciate the beautiful architecture before having a picnic by the water. This is one of my favourite things about Paris, it is so beautiful outside and there are so many places to sit down and enjoy the sunshine with some good Parisian picnic food, it's easy to eat on a budget (and avoid the overpriced menus of the majority of tourist cafes). If you're looking for an authentic Parisian area to visit I'd highly recommend taking a metro to Montmarte, home of the famous Love Wall. This was one of my favourite areas of Paris we visited, I loved its laid back, Sunday morning atmosphere, and The Jehan Rictus Garden Square was beautiful. 

Day 3. 

On the last day I've prepared some indoor activities to check out, in case it's a rainy day or you'd like to escape the sun for a few hours. A must see when you visit Paris is the Lourve Meusem, I was so in awe of the beauty of that place that I think I'll pay it a visit every time I'm in Paris. You'll never truly understand the wonder and magic of the art work that's featured there until you see it yourself. The good thing is it's free entry until you're 25 too, so definitely take advantage if you can! 

If you fancy checking our a few shops while you're in Paris, there are quite a few areas to check out. I was extremely impressed with shopping centres and areas in Paris, they're so well laid out and have such a good mix of high street shops to high end shops. If you're looking for high street shops I'd recommend checking out Chatelet Les Halles, it has every shop you can dream of (and even two Sephoras!). If you're looking for a high end haven I'd check out Champs Elysées or Palais Des Congres.

If it's chucking it down and you still want to take in some beautiful Paris sights you can enjoy views of the entire city from 209metres high at Montparnasse Tower. For just £15pp, you can see everything Paris has to offer from a 360 perspective, and enjoy a bite to eat while you're at it! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I certainly enjoyed my 72 hour in Paris. If you'd like to see more of these travel style posts let me know, and leave your Parisian tips in the comments! 

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  1. Omg Paris is my favourite city in the world! I'm going later this month and this has gotten me so excited, your pictures are beautiful !

    Beautywithrob xxx

  2. My wife and I will be traveling this next november from Guatemala, ( a tropical country ) any advice?


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