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Packing Tips For Travelling Light


Since I've been on quite a few short breaks, and have had my fair share of packing nightmares, I thought I'd share with you my travelling light tips and tricks, and how to make packing as easy and as stress free as possible. Whenever I'm travelling on a sightseeing holiday, or on a city break I will always only take hand luggage. Having less space forces me not to pack every single item in my wardrobe and cart along my entire makeup collection, knowing I have limited space means I only take the basics and what I'm really going to need.

My first tip is to check the weather of where you're flying to, that way you can pack accordingly! If I'm going on a beach holiday I like to focus mainly on evening wear, with a few day time outfits in case I go out exploring, since most days I know I'll spend lounging around in a bikini by the pool or on the beach. If I'm going to a city break and I know it's gonna rain, I like to make sure I wear a coat to travel in, so I don't waste any space in my suitcase with bulky items. 

Next tip is to only bring enough outfits for the exact amount of days your going, with the exception of a spare tshirt or two. I like to plan out each outfit, and what I think I'll be doing each day and only take one appropriate outfit for each occasion. This can be quite tricky to narrow down what you want to bring, but it's really important to make sacrifices and don't over pack! Remember you only have hand luggage, and you might want to pick up a souvenir our two!

As for shoes I like to pack a maximum of 2 pairs, one for evening wear and a nice day time pair, and then I will wear my comfy practical pair to fly in, which will come in handy if I'm going on any day trips or physical activities. Depending on what kind of holiday I'm going on, I might skip the night time shoes, because lets be real I hate wearing heels anyway. 

Lastly, to make travelling super quick and easy, I like to keep a go to travel pack full of all of my on the go toiletries, that I like to keep in my suitcase all ready for my next adventure. If I'm travelling somewhere that the accommodation is bare basics, and will only provide "3 in 1 shower gel/bodywash/handwash" from a dispenser on the wall I will always bring along my own shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, although if you're going somewhere that isn't super expensive, always remember that you can pick these up when you get there and they're cheap enough to just leave behind. Normally I travel with my boyfriend, who doesn't have too many toiletry needs, so I like to steal some of his 100ml plastic bag allowance and squish these in there, so I still have space for any makeup that I'll pop in later. Everything else I keep in here is pretty basic and doesn't tend to change. The list consists of; 

Mini Shampoo
Mini Conditioner
Hair Oil (my hair gets super dry when I travel)
Shower Gel
Face Wash
Face Moisturiser
Toothpaste (most hotels don't supply this, and its really handy when you get there and need to clean your teeth pronto)
Mini Perfume Dispenser (such a handy item to save space and still smell delicious!)
Baby Wipes

Other things that I like to keep in my suitcase ready and waiting to go with my on my next adventure are;
Spare Phone Charger
Selfie Stick
Spare 100ml Liquid Allowance Plastic Bags
Hair Brush
Hair Ties/Clips etc
Sunglasses ( I always forget to pack these)
Plastic Bag (For wet swimsuits/dirty clothes)
Tote Bag

Having my toiletries pre-packed and ready to go, and all the random bits and bats that I'm bound to forget, already packed and in my suitcase makes packing so much easier, quicker and way less stressful.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helped you in some way! If you're off on holiday soon or on to a new adventure, good luck, have fun and stay safe!

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  1. Really lovely tips and checklist! This will be so useful to me as I'm always travelling to see family - and always forgetting things! I usually have to ask someone to post something to me haha xD I wish English weather was more predictable! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

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